jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

Migrants' testimonies

2nd year of secondary students have been working on Europe. Using a migrant's testimony they compared the two countries mentioned in the testimony and created a digital map which included a link to a google presentation they used to present orally (that's why they used key words in the presentation)  to the rest of the class. They compared and contrast the two countries.

Here you have some examples.

Miren Rascon, Jon Mugika, Adrian Rodas

Julen Urruzola, Amets Aierdi, Kevin Iglesias

Jon Landa, Ainara Buruntza, Malen Etxeberria

Josu Leniz, Danel Zubizarreta

Igor Aranbarri, Jokin Vicente

Ane Gonzalez, Irati San Martin, Sara Basurto

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